TestWarez provides:

  • TestWarez does not pay speakers for any lecture/discussion panel / ignite talk
  • Travel policy:
    • PLN 250 / EUR 250 / EUR 500 for speakers from Poland / Europe / non-European countries, upon request,
    • TW assists in booking tickets and organising transfers from/to an airport, if necessary,
  • TestWarez offers hotel accommodation:
    • 3 nights in a single room for a workshop
    • 2 night in a single room for a lecture/discussion panel / ignite talk
  • TestWarez ensures full access to the event including the banquet after the first day of the conference,
  • A designated person provides assistance / responds to questions related to any issues which may arise during the event.

TestWarez covers:

  • A lecture/workshop approved by the Program Committee; an author grants a non-commercial licence to the SJSI (the organiser of TestWarez).
  • Video recording (only a lecture) to be published on the Internet, upon the speaker’s.
  • Your laptop; your presentation is made with the use of your own equipment.