Natalia Krawczyk Grzegorzewicz

We’ve all heard about the test pyramid. We know the theory and we know that it’s a good concept. Yet, we still struggle with its proper implementation. Why is that so? What do our test pyramids look like in real projects? Why do we distrust tests, which aren’t executed on an UI level?

During my talk, I will first describe two popular architectures: monoliths and microservices. This will help us understand our pains when applying the test pyramid approach in our projects. We will take a look at what the typical implementation of a test pyramid looks like for monolithic applications and for the microservices world. Are we able to apply the test pyramid in such projects seamlessly? What problems do we encounter?

Lastly, I will present how we can implement the test pyramid approach on example applications. I will show example tests for each level divided into BE and FE applications. We will take a look at what bugs can be found on which level, and think about how an example delivery pipeline could look like for such applications. During my demo, I will show tests written with Cypress, RestSharp, SpecFlow, nUnit, Pact, and Jest.