Mike Meurs

A major challenge for many testers is how to translate a risk assessment into a workable test approach and test execution. In this hands-on workshop, we start by determining a test approach. The test approach is the starting point for test sessions where we use exploratory testing as the testing technique.

To define and determine the test approach we use Riskstorming. This is an approach where you use Testsphere cards. With these cards, we do a risk assessment. The risks need to be translated into a test approach. The test approach we are using is session-based testing (which is very useful in an agile environment). The content of every test session is based upon test charters. After determine the charters we start testing: hands on the keyboard. We will test a working application and we will know soon if the risks we determined are applicable!? We also will get feedback on our charters: are they good enough or how can we improve our charters. And of course, we will not forget how you have to finish a test session with a debriefing and a report. So get started!