Piotr Baran

API testing is an obligatory skill in a variety of software projects. Distributed systems, web applications, mobile applications, IoT and wearables – one can easily find an API there. There’s a lot of different libraries and tools which help with API testing but some can be hard to comprehend to less experienced testers. SOAP UI is a handy open-source tool to create and manage API tests. It can be used even by testers who start their journey into API testing. It can be used not only to test SOAP services but also REST and any other HTTP-based types of services.

This workshop gives basic knowledge and hands-on practice. Participants will learn how to:

– create a project,

– read API documentation (WSDL, Swagger),

– map API requests,

– create tests for the requests,

– prepare assertions,

– use test data,

– create functional tests,

– create load tests,

– create security tests,

– control test flow.

They will also gain basic knowledge about the types of APIs, common use cases and best practices in API testing.