Sargis Sargsyan

Parallel execution of test cases is one of the important requirements of a modern test automation framework. Generally, to run Selenium Suite in parallel, we use selenium grid and distributing tests across multiple machines which will reduce the time required for running tests. To run tests in parallel, we need to configure Selenium Grid with Hub and Nodes where the hub is the central point which will receive test requests along with configurations or capabilities. Based on the request received, the hub will distribute tests to the registered nodes. Selenium has made a set of Docker images which are available on Docker Hub. We have Selenium Grid, and the browser images – Chrome and Firefox. There are also images with the debug versions which will let as view the test execution. Also we will compare the Selenium docker with other solution like Selenoid, Go Grid Router, Zalenium and will go throw advantages and disadvantages. In this session, we will go through the Selenium tests parallel run setup and configuration.