Ingo Philipp

The testing community is caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to exploratory testing. Although exploratory testing has been around for ages, it often leads to more confusion than clarity. Is exploratory testing an activity – something that you do? Or is it an approach – a way or a style of doing something? Isn’t all testing exploratory? When do you do it? How do you do it properly? How does it relate to the entire software lifecycle? How to measure its success? How to balance exploratory testing and confirmatory testing? To answer these questions, join Ingo Philipp as he shares the most common confusions and controversies on this topic. He explains what exploratory testing is, why to use it, how and when to practice it. Ingo discusses specific heuristics and techniques of exploratory testing, especially useful in large-scale and fast-paced development environments, to get the most out of exploratory testing in your daily work. Bring your curiosity and a good sense of adventure to this highly interactive session. Learn that exploratory testing is not just error guessing or common bug hunting, but rather is at the heart of all things testing. Take away a highly productive approach that puts the adventure and effectiveness back into your testing.