Erdem Yildirim

The sector demands that software development life cycle to be delivered faster and cheaper with increasing quality and reliability. Market got to point that all long ornate talks can be summed up in one word: EFFICIENCY. In quality aspect, automating testing activities had already been came forward to reduce development cycle times, cost, resources. It’s OK to increase the efficiency of test process with automation but, what about the efficiency of automation itself? Why most of the test automation projects fail (even if you’re not aware of it is actually failing)? Because, automating without good test architecture may result in a lot of activity, but little value (if you are lucky!). We will talk about 6 main traits to build a successful test automation architecture; decision plan & guide, design pattern, locater strategy, tools/framework selection (aside from SeWD / Java), methodology (shift-left testing, TDD, BDD, continuous testing) and architectural design (clean code practices, OOP pillars in automation).