Łukasz Pietrucha

Digital era has forced a variety of organizations to transform their products and services. They want to become more flexible and faster in introducing changes and new features of their products to accommodate to this new reality. The change impacts both the way products are designed, developed and released as well as how companies react to their customers’ feedback.

Customer nowadays not only becomes a receiver of our solutions but to a certain extent – a driver of our business. To be able to quickly deliver, adjust and respond, organisations need to start thinking about their businesses as delivering experiences rather than pure products and services. They’d surely like to keep this experience consistent at the highest possible satisfaction level throughout the journey. In that context, quality would mean that your solution is predictable, reliable and easy-to-use for its purpose. 

In this talk I’d like to touch the following:

how digital era transforms businesses

how that transforms QA as well

what can you do to accomodate your QA to a modern IT world

Key takeaways:

understanding modern digital world of customer experience

getting familiar with a concept of continuous testing

practical ideas for QA role in DevOps world