Tomasz Konieczny

[This talk is only in Polish language]

E2E tests are really important in a software development process as they can somehow guarantee that an application is working correctly. However, the manual execution of tests, especially regression ones, can take a really long time and it can also be a very repetitive task. These are the reasons why regression tests are often automated.

Automated tests can provide results faster and it’s possible to execute them more frequently than manual ones. That allows to test earlier in the development process, decrease overall time needed for tests and what is probably the most important it’s possible to release faster and more frequently.

But what if we have more and more tests and even automated execution of them takes too much  time – 10 minutes… 30 minutes… maybe even hours? Should we consider the ability to execute full tests set just a few times a day as something normal? Is adding more compute resources the only option to reduce the execution time? Or maybe there are too many high-level tests and some of them should be replaced by low-level ones according to tests pyramid? Is the tests pyramid still valid in the cloud world?

During the presentation you will see how the cloud services may be used to run tests in the highly parallelized environment that can reduce execution time even hundreds of times.