The world is changing rapidly, technology advances in the blink of an eye, systems are getting more and more complex, and businesses need to ‘innovate’ to remain competitive in this challenging world. This brings out a new ’Software Tester’ model, which defines the evolving role of software testers in the era of Complexity, Digitalisation (AI, ML, IOT, AR/VR/MR), Agility and User Centricity.

To align yourself to the new and evolving role of software testers, the main theme for TestWarez 2019 is: Testing in the 💣 Digital 💣 Agile and 💣 Technical World!!
As always, we need the best ideas on Testwarez stage, so please come and join us this year and share your voice at one of the most popular international software testing platforms.

Barış Sarıalioğlu

Program Chair of Testwarez 2019