Call for speakers finished! For the fourteenth time, you covered us with lots of extremely interesting proposals and, as every year, you surprised us with a fresh look at (seeming to be) well-known topics. Now we have to roll up our sleeves and carry on to the extremely difficult process which is the evaluation of your applications and the selection of those that will create an agenda for the largest test conference in Poland!

What’s happening with your applications? What does the evaluation process of your speeches looks like and (above all) WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG? Here are the answers for all of your questions…

After closing the CSF and collecting all applications in one place, all members of the Program Committee get access to them, but they are not the first filter. This year, an Approval Committee was formed and it is the organ responsible for an initial assessment of your proposals. They communicate their observations to the Program Committee, which on this basis, using its own judgement, gives the final shape to the TestWarez 2019 Agenda.

We want to get acquainted with your proposals and make them thoroughly evaluated, so please be patient and we hope that we will reward you with the best testing knowledge during the 14th edition of TestWarez 😉

Evaluation of submission process for TestWarez 2019

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