Piotr Pawluk

The standard way how teams introduces test automation is starting from open source tools. Later –  when the needs are better understood, and the tools are not good enough – they buy commercial tools.

My way was opposite. I have worked with commercial tools from top shelf. And we have turn to open source tools.

And purpose of our tests is a little different than usual. We are automating users activities on dozen production systems, and run them constantly – to collect availability and performance statistics.

We have reviewed several commercial tools, and finally we have chosen open source. 

To my surprise the open source tools covered more of our requirements than commercial ones.

In my presentation I’ll show architecture of the solution, from which components it is assembled, and I’ll explain why each of them was chosen. 

And I’ll show – what we could not find prepared – and how we managed to fill the gap.

It will be story about:


Python and how to decorate the code, 


Graphite and Grafana