Eric Riou du Cosquer

TMMi is a tool largely used to assess a Test Center and improve its efficiency,  based of the best practices collected all over the world.

Even if most of the TMMi information is publicly available, you need to know how to use TMMi in your context.

Recent updates of the TMMi model make it applicable in any software development life cycle, iterative or not.

During this workshop, you will not only be explained how TMMi works but you will also use it for your context in order to carry out a first self assessment.

After the workshop you will be able to efficiently use TMMi by yourself and you will also have a first estimation of the TMMi level you would be able to reach with a formal assessment.

The workshop will be chaired by Eric Riou du Cosquer who is one of the few TMMi Lead Assessor able to manage formal TMMi assessment.