Marcel Hogenhout

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Testing and Quality runs through my life as a major theme. I began in the field of testing more than 20 years ago, in 1998. Trained in a 4-month MasterClass at Getronics Software. In addition to many different testspecialist tasks, roles and activities in my assignments, I also positioned roles and positions in management. I’ve worked with large companies and have experience in the public-, financial-, Industry-, Retail- and Educational domains. Always within the field of testing. As well as professional, as a consultant, as an advisor and as manager, I always had responsibility for the professionalization of the testing profession! Using methodologies like TMap, ISTQB, TPI, TMMi, CMMi. During my work within large organizations like Getronics (PinkRoccade) and Capgemini I proved to be a real intrapreneur (a “builder”). With great passion, fun and most success I have set up several units and departments, such as the “Test Expertise Center”, “Getronics Test Services”, “Capgemini Testing Community” (Community Leader) etc. This is also why I decided to start my own consultancy company in 2010, Praegus.

Besides co-owner of Praegus, I am also a true visionary and entrepreneur. Especially when it comes to organization(s) in the field of testing, but also strong where it comes to leadership, entrepreneurship, process improvement and change management. I am very active in the Netherlands on test conferences and events, both as a visitor, as a sponsor, and in the organization of conferences. Expert Group Member for the Dutch Testing Conference and coordinator for “The Best Tester” (UK: Founder of

From 2019 I will participate as a member in the program committee of TestWarez. I have published articles on research into test automation and the choice of tools and their implementation. In addition, I provided training for test methodologies, test awareness and the skills of a tester. I have trained and supervised both Young Professionals and Senior Professionals (Thought Leadership). I live with my girlfriend (Aura) and 3 sons: Diego (21), Luca (17) and Albert (9). You can follow me on all Social Media channels. I look forward to meeting you!